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About: 23// PR // Canadian ^-^
Pretty much your average, awkward, young adult.

Lover of food, music, fashion and animals.

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Leeli's Life

It’s like in the second to last gif the owl is saying “I got kissed by a really cute boy”

"…oh my" 

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“You teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop, and what you reinforce.” —Tony Gaskins (via purplebuddhaproject)

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“3 Things You Should Never Have Low Standards About: Boys, Clothes, Coffee” —Margot N. (via lightmeup-acigarette)

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“Don’t allow your wounds to turn you into a person you are not.” —Paulo Coelho (via pureblyss)

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Even If Nothing Ever Happened, Or May Ever Happen, Just Assume That It’s NOT A Good Idea To Hang Out With A Guy That Your Friend Has Ever Had Unresolved Feelings For.

Y.O.U - ‘Heavy Crown’

D.I.Y Pistachio Shell Necklace

D.I.Y Pistachio Shell Necklace

Sam Smith- Not In That Way

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